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Claiming Efficiency- UX Boost for Cashless TPA

UX redesign for ERP platform - Neointeraction Design


UX Revamp for TPA claim processes across 600 nationwide teams, focusing on simplifying cashless claims and boosting efficiency via the TIPS platform.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

The UX exercise improved preauth TAT from 1.5hrs to 15mns which is a great boost for our business as we could process more requests.
Vidal Health Insurance TPA Services


The goal is to enhance efficiency and speed by improving Turnaround Times (TAT) and creating a seamless experience for various processing teams through consistency, improved usability, and overall enhancement of the TPA claim processing experience.


The inefficient processing of claims, causing delays in request handling, highlighted a need for improvement in the TIPS application. To address this, one key initiative was to automate the filling in of details from the Pre-Authorization level when dealing with cashless claims.

measurable ux design solution for healthcare

Solutions we offered

We worked on making the platform more user-friendly by simplifying both manual and automated claim processes.

Adopted a User-centric Approach

Prioritizing user needs and experiences to address existing system issues.

Streamlined Claim Process

Identified and solved issues in both manual and automated claim process stages, improving overall efficiency.

Measurable UX Solutions

Translated business insights into a tangible UX solution, aiming to reduce Turnaround Times (TATs) and prioritize user tasks.

Alignment with UX Recommendations:

The business team made necessary changes to align with the improvements in user experience.

user experience design for healthcare platform
Enhanced Efficiency

Our UX solution significantly improved Turnaround Times (TATs), minimized manual steps, and streamlined the cashless claim request to the final process, enabling our clients to handle more requests and boost business.

healthcare web app ui design | vidal
ux design solution for healthcare TPA applicationt

How did our solutions help?

Our UX solutions made things better by reducing Turnaround Times (TATs), simplifying cashless claims, and providing a holistic redesign.

Preauthorization Time Reduction

The new design brought about a remarkable 70% reduction in time for completing the preauthorization confirmation within the existing Pre Auth flow.

Comprehensive Redesign for Modern Adaptability

We chose a holistic approach to optimize designs, making sure our designs work well on various screen sizes and touch-enabled devices

Stakeholder Testing

Thorough testing with stakeholders made sure ensured efficiency, with necessary adjustments based on their feedback before finalizing the design for production.

Modular and Scalable Design

By using a modular approach, we created designs that can be reused and adapted as needed, improving the overall efficiency

Remarkable Daily Request Surge

Post adopting the Pre-Auth feature in T1 hospitals, the daily request surged by an impressive 400%.

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