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Revolutionizing Banking Experiences at Dubai Bank


Dubai Bank aimed to attract and serve young professionals, expats, and native youth by adopting Oracle's Flexcube platform for a streamlined and contemporary banking experience.


New Customer Acquisition




New User Engagement


The visual appeal and the new banking experience led us to overcome the competition and we’re very happy with the result the design team delivered


The primary objective was to create a user-friendly and modern look for diverse user groups including young professionals, expats, and native youth. The aim was to make everyday transactions easy and enhance the overall user experience.


With a vision to get closer to customers, the bank team decided to implement their core banking application using Oracle’s Flexcube platform. The main challenge was to make the app attractive to certain user groups, making complicated transactions easier, figuring out important tasks, organizing information in a clear way. We worked on designing a simple but impactful solutions by testing and improving based on user feedback.

Solutions we offered

Our user-centric redesign strategically addressed the primary tasks of Online Banking customers, such as Balance checking, Fund transfers, Bill payments, and Service Requests (SRs). With a targeted methodology, emphasizing these frequently used functions a comprehensive click-through prototype was refined to align with new business flows. The design experience ensured that all key tasks could be completed with a maximum of three mouse clicks, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.

Key Task Optimization

Prioritized tasks such as balance inquiries, fund transfers, bill payments, and service requests for a more efficient user experience

Focused Design Methodology

Identified and concentrated on frequently used tasks, guiding the creation of a detailed click-through prototype.

Collaborative Stakeholder Review

Facilitated comprehensive stakeholder collaboration through a prototype mapping new business flows

Seamless User Experience

The business team implemented necessary recommendations to align with the overall UX enhancements.

How did our solutions help?

Enhanced Accessibility

The redesigned Internet Banking extended its reach to a broader customer base.

In-depth user research guided our attention to crucial aspects, ensuring a tailored experience.

User-Centric Focus

Analyzing competitors allowed us to offer unique services, differentiating our application.

Competitive Insights

Our solutions amplified accessibility, based on user needs, leveraged competitive insights

The new design lead to a significant 40% rise in user numbers

Substantial User Increase

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