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Current Openings

UX Designer

Responsible for functional design solutions creating better ...

UI Designer

A creative individual is responsible for creating the aesthetic look and ...

UI Engineer (React)

UI Engineer who can take the designer’s pixels to codes using ...

Project Manager

An experienced person who can take the lead of managing a design ...

Business Analyst

This role requires gathering, analyzing, and delivering the requirements ...

Digital Marketing Specialist

You will be working as a part of the Digital Marketing & Campaign ...

UX Intern

Responsible for functional design solutions creating better ...

UI Engineer (Angular)

UI Engineer who can take the designer’s pixels to codes using ...

UX Manager

Responsible for functional design solutions creating better ...

Lead UX Designer

Guide and mentor the UX & UI team members, provide feedback ...

Life at Neointeraction

Creative Atmosphere 

Immersed in creativity, innovation, and vibrant energy. Every day is filled with inspiration.

Design Collaborations

A hub where UX/UI design enthusiasts come together to showcase their finest creations and collaborate on groundbreaking projects.

Continuous Learning

Embracing a culture of perpetual growth, where we learn, unlearn, and share knowledge within the ux  design community.

Design Leadership Development

Empowering the next generation of ux design leaders through a unique leadership program tailored for the future.

Team Gatherings

Monthly and annual offsite gatherings unite our neointeraction team for fun, learning, and team-building activities, strengthening our bonds.

Recognition and Celebrations

Honoring outstanding achievements and passion-driven work through annual awards and celebrations of expertise.

Workshop Sessions

Elevating our skillsets through diverse ux design & frontend development workshops, both internal and external, fostering collaboration between team members and external experts to bridge the gap between design and business goals.

Hybrid Collaboration

Fostering strong interpersonal connections and seamless collaboration across our diverse hybrid team.

Fun Friday

Unwind and strengthen team bonds with Fun Fridays where we come together for games and activities.

Why work with Neointeraction ?

Get mentorship

Real user insights to understand needs and pain points.

Cross functional team

Analyze interactions for actionable insights.

Functional design first approach

Enhancing aesthetics and usability.

Ignite your Potential

Gain Practical Insights in Transformative Workshops


  • Our recruitment process typically involves initial screening, interviews with hiring managers, technical assessments (if applicable), and reference checks.

  • Our company culture is collaborative, inclusive, and focused on continuous learning and growth. We value diversity, innovation, and teamwork.

  • For any additional questions or inquiries about job opportunities or the application process, please email us at We're here to help!

  • You will be helping the design and development teams for various project deliverables.

  • We usually hire interns who can guarantee a commitment of 6 months.

  • You will gain knowledge and experience by working on real-life projects with actual clients. We keep our interns involved in every step of the process which will help you grow and learn.

  • Yes, you will be provided with a monthly stipend.

  • Our client projects are done with strict confidentiality, so publish project details are against our business policy.

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