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AI Driven Healthcare Consultation Platform

mobile app UX design - AI driven healthcare consultation | Tricog


Heart failure patient care and timely live saving interventions solved using AI driven predictive healthcare platform



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The UX team's solutions for user-centric design made the product considerably simpler to use. Team members gave it their all to present a variety of options as well! They had the expertise to provide out-of-the-box ideas throughout the project.
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Our goal is to create a user-friendly healthcare platform for Tricog, emphasizing heart failure patient care. This involves connecting cardiologists with patients through a virtual cardiology service, utilizing AI for predictive analytics. The platform aims for smooth communication and improved outcomes.


Tricog is one of the world’s largest predictive healthcare analytics firms. Tricog leverages its deep medical and technical expertise, to provide Virtual Cardiology Services to remote clinics.


The main challenges involved integrating AI for predicting healthcare analytics into the medical data, making sure that doctors and patients can talk securely, and creating a platform that's easy to use while having advanced features. Handling and showing data about patient progress and analysis in a way that doctors easily understand also makes the project challenging. To overcome these challenges, we need to be familiar with both medical and tech knowledge to provide live saving timely interventions

ux design - healthcare web application | Tricog

Solutions we offered

We assisted the client in strategizing and developing a product based on their requirements, as well as some of our design recommendations that assist the target user by conducting,

Formal Research and Domain Exploration

This involved a deep understanding of the healthcare industry in detail, paying close attention to the specifics of how it works particularly focusing on heart failure patient care.

User Journey Analysis

This thorough examination allowed us to identify pain points, preferences, and opportunities for improvement, shaping our design recommendations to enhance the overall user experience.

Collaborative Ideation in Figjam

This collaborative ideation allowed us to merge our expertise with the client's insights, ensuring that the final product aligns seamlessly with their requirements and user expectations.

HiFi Wireframing and Prototyping

This stage in our design process enabled us to visualize and iterate on the interface, ensuring that the proposed solutions effectively solved key UX challenges.

Data Visualization Integration

The incorporation of data visualization enhanced the platform's functionality and contributed to a more intuitive user experience.

Final Prototype Development

This phase involved converting all research, ideation, and design iterations into a tangible product.

Our Approach

To make AI accessible while prioritizing data lead us to identifying key user groups and designing modules accordingly. We improved data visualization for cardiologists, making it efficient and easy to understand to be able to monitor patient vital in and use it in an impactful way.

ux ui design process - healthcare app | Tricog
Final UI
healthcare ui mobile app design
ui design for healthcare web app
ux design solution for healthcare mobile app

How did our solutions help?

The seamless integration of our ideas into the design significantly streamlined actions for cardiologists.

Seamless Idea Integration

Our approach involved seamlessly incorporating stakeholder ideas into the design, contributing to the product's efficiency.

Enhanced Cardiologist Workflow

The design modifications were specifically aimed at simplifying tasks for cardiologists, earning notable praise for their impact on workflow improvement.

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