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Player Transfer System

UX consultancy for football Player Transfer solution - Neointeraction Design


The redesign of the Player Transfer System aims to streamline player movements among approved clubs, crucial for the World Cup 2022.

We aimed to make our player management system more user-centric and reduce the overall time to analyze player transfer data. A remarkable outcome was obtained, indicating a significant shift in the work process.


The objective is to develop a comprehensive design system capable of efficiently managing extensive player information within the context of club transfers. This system should streamline navigation for users and effectively present vital details on player contracts and transfer processes, while accommodating the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including governing bodies.


The primary challenge revolved around efficiently managing extensive player data while concurrently designing intuitive interfaces that could effectively display information on smaller screens. Additionally, there was a need to develop screens capable of presenting substantial data sets in a clear and efficient manner. Throughout the planning phase, emphasis was placed on identifying key data points, and the creation of reusable design elements to enhance overall functionality.

Enhancing ux design - player transfer managment app | FIFA

Solutions we offered

Integrating UX principles at every stage for enhanced user experience and streamlined processes.

Task Simplification

Implementing a step-by-step procedure to simplify longer tasks.

Consistent UI Elements

Implementing a step-by-step procedure to simplify longer tasks.

Effective Communication

Utilizing tooltips, tags, and icons for communicating secondary information effectively.

Visual Flow Differentiation

Distinguishing between distinct process flows through the strategic use of primary colors.

seamless ux ui design for football player transfer application
Strategic Data Focus in Wireframing

The wireframing stage prioritized identifying and presenting essential data points in a straightforward manner for effective user interface design.

high fidelity wireframes for football player transfer system
Final UI
ui design for player transfer system | FIFA
results of ux design for fifa player transfer system

How did our solutions help?

Our solutions amplified accessibility, centered on user needs, leveraged competitive insights

Seamless Task Flow

The groundwork laid during the design phase ensured a smooth and efficient task flow for users, enhancing overall usability.

Enhanced Accessibility

Addressing accessibility issues was pivotal, particularly for a globally used application, significantly improving the user experience on a broader scale.

Clarity in Data Display

Precision in presenting data across the application contributed to a clear and straightforward user interface, eliminating unnecessary confusion.

Intuitive Visual Cues

Strategic use of iconography and color provided users with intuitive visual cues, making it easy to identify tasks that required immediate attention.

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