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Share Trading Platform Redesign

share Trading Platform Redesign - Neointeraction Design


Geojit BNP Paribas revamped their trading platform, transitioning from "FLIP" to "SELFIE," for a unified and enriched user experience across devices.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

Traders kept coming back to our platform and told us that they had a great trading experience with our platform whilst enjoying all the features
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To improve the trading experience by creating a smart and easy-to-use platform. This platform helps traders and investors keep track of their investments and makes it simple to do research, plan strategies and giving quick access to important information.


The challenges involved making it easy to place orders quickly by creating a fast and efficient way to access data. We also had to combine different services to make trading more enjoyable and come up with research and strategy features that match what different clients like.

selfie geojit share trading platform redesign

Solutions we offered

In the redesign of Geojit trading platform, SELFIE, our solutions provided traders with a personalized and all-in-one experience. We added advanced charts, included trading options, and provided detailed analytics. This helps traders make smarter decisions.

Personalized Trading Experience

Traders can customize dashboards and widgets, tailoring their platform for individual preferences.

Unified Watchlist Look

Users can enjoy a consistent watchlist experience across both web and mobile platforms for easy market monitoring.

Advanced HTML5 Charting

Leverage cutting-edge charting technologies, including Renko, Kagi, P&F, and line break, for detailed market analysis.

Integrated Trading Across Assets

Users can seamlessly trade across diverse asset classes and products, enhancing trading flexibility.

Comprehensive F&O Analytics

Access insightful Analytics & Visualization tools for a comprehensive understanding of futures and options markets.

share trading mobile app redesign
Dark UI Option

Recognizing users' reliance on digital devices, a dark mode option was added to reduce eye strain.

selfie share trading mobile app ux ui design
share trading platform geojit ux design solution by neointeraction

How did our solutions help?

The solutions streamlined user journeys and task flows, ensuring a unified experience for traders and investors. 
Key contributions include,

One-Page Strategy

Our design approach focused on a one-page strategy, minimizing navigations for a more user-friendly experience.

Efficient Order Placement

Users could easily examine and interact with portfolio and symbol information before placing orders.

Cutting-edge HTML5 Technologies

Post adopting the Pre-Auth feature in T1 hospitals, the daily request surged by an impressive 400%.

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