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Music Rights Management solution

Music Rights Management solution ux project - neointeraction design


Noctil is an advanced technology solution that helps Rights Management Organizations to maximize collection and distribution while reducing operational costs.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

We were most impressed with their commitment to the project


To optimize the platform's usability by creating a visually appealing and functional driven user experience to maximize efficiency and save money in how the platform collects and shares information.


The current application was not suitable for it's target audience and the user flows were complicated . The low usability performance required a careful evaluation of the user interactions and incorporation of user feedback to optimize the user experience.

ux design solution - music rights management app

Solutions we offered

We examined the current platform and performed a heuristic analysis using user pain points. This data enabled us to make a design choice that would be practical for both the user and the development team.

Usability Enhancement

Conducted a thorough examination of the existing platform utilizing heuristic analysis to identify and address user pain points.

User Engagement Improvement

Balanced the design through the strategic use of color contrasts to guide and engage users.

Collaborative decision making

Presentation of the key flow to the stakeholders to make a design decision aligned to meet both business and user needs

Streamlined UI & UX

Improved the overall user experience to ensure efficiency and ease of use for the end user

Our Approach

Understanding the problem and coming up with design thinking driven solutions helped get started with the project. We identified the issue, proposed iterative design solutions, and streamlined the process to ensure a holistically enhanced user experience

music rights managment app - ux design process

Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming sessions with the client and the iterative sketches served as the project's inspiration

ux design brainstorming with noctil

Interactive UI Upgrade

With dynamic micro interactions and illustrations, our redesign was driven by practical functionality for a more engaging and user-friendly experience.

noctil web app ui redesign
noctil app style guide
noctil website design - neointeraction
noctil app ux ui redesign solution

How did our solutions help?

Our solutions aimed to enhance the user experience and streamline operational efficiency. The redesigned UI helped in quick interactions, improved overall performance, and simplified human resource management.

Improved Usability

The design helped users with an enhanced user interface for seamless interaction.

Improved Application Performance

The design also improved the overall performance of the application and reduced the difficulty in managing human resources.

Agile Design for Problem Identification

By adopting an agile approach and making sure we align with the product needs we followed an iterative design process.

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