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Cattle Tracking & Management solution

UX design for livestock Tracker - Neointeraction Design


Revolutionizing cattle farm management by streamlining tasks, promoting healthier livestock, and increasing profitability.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

Spending the majority of our time on outmoded supply chain systems was challenging. New user experience design were straightforward, efficient, and most importantly, reliable.
Herdx - live cattle tracking management


Revamping herd management technology for cow/calf producers and stockers to boost efficiency and promote healthier cattle. The redesign aims for a modern look, improved usability, and a consistent visual style for a streamlined and effective user experience.


Simplifying the manual work to make cattle tracking and management digitally accessible needed key attention to details. Considering the complexity and the users, crafting a seamless user experience across websites and mobiles was challenging.

ux design cattle tracking management application

Solutions we offered

With a fresh consistent visual style the new design streamlined an effective guided user experience to boost efficiency and promote healthier cattle

Unified Design Language

Fully revamped the design language, preserving the company's branding and usability while ensuring consistency across both web and mobile platforms.

Digitalization of Manual Data Handling

Transformed the manual data handling process into a digitalized system for optimal performance.

Iterative Design Process

Created interactive designs leading to prototypes to provide a comprehensive understanding of the product.

live cattle tracking management ux ui app design
Mobile-Centric Digital Integration

Made it easy for users to seamlessly use both the website and mobile application without doing the same data entry twice thereby making it easier and faster for users to complete their task.

mobile centric ux design for cattle tracking management application
ui design for mobile view of live cattle tracking
user experience design for cattle tracking mangement

How did our solutions help?

We made things easier for farmers by improving how they handle data. This means less manual work for them, making their work more efficient. By keeping a constant eye on things, we also helped reduce health problems with the animals on the farm.

Enhanced User Experience

Users found the redesigned solution notably easier to use and the increase overall user engagement.

Reduced Manual Workload

The digitalization of manual data processes led to a significant decrease in manual work for Ranchers.

Increased Operational Efficiency

The solution resulted in improved efficiency for cow/calf producers and stockers.

Health Monitoring Advancement

Continuous herd monitoring through the application contributed to a notable reduction in illnesses and fatalities.

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