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Why do corporate banks invest in good UX for longevity?

Updated: Mar 21

corporate banks invest in ux

Good UX design means thinking like a user and offering a clear path to assist the user in achieving their goals when interacting with the product. A good UX design is when the product is useful, usable, findable, credible, accessible, and desirable. UX design is required for online banking platforms to advance and retain customers.

Importance of good UX practices for corporate banking

ux trend fintech app

  • Considerate designs maintain customers

  • Finance is made accessible and inclusive

  • Saves time and money

Good UX is good business – Andrew Kucheriavy

Best UX practices for corp banking

  1. Usage of Intuitive Interaction

  • Make Customer Onboarding Simple

  • Ensure a quick and smooth login

  • Make navigation clear and intuitive

  • A short video or intro slider can be used to let users understand the app before using it

  • The usage of virtual assistants and AI in UX design helps personalize the app.

  • Provide users with a self-service experience

  • Use micro-interaction

  1. Instructions for UI elements

  • Use flatten menu hierarchy

  • Use visual cues and reduce texts

  • Reduce navigation by making menu choices as action

  • Build on users’ familiarity with smartphones

  • Choose icons appropriate to actions

  • Provide instructions when needed

  • The font must be readable and with proper contrast

  • Proper button placement must be provided

See how we rebuilt a prominent banking mobile app in Dubai to get a better understanding of how to employ these design principles.

Latest UI UX Trends in corporate banking

ux practice banking app

  • Alternative UIs, such as conversational banking, AI, and VR / AR technology.

  • Face Matching

  • Liveness Detection

  • Barcode Reader

  • Overcoming culture gap, feedback gap, execution gap, value gap, and design gap

  • Enhance the consumer experience in finance with an emotional connection.

  • Establish consistency through the product ecosystem.

  • Chatbots

  • Gamification

  • Centralization

  • Social banking

  • Data visualization

Key Takeaways

Banking apps must be personalized, easy - to - navigate, and simple to use to keep users and win over new ones. Hire Ux designers & UI developers from our team to get your next project designed. Our UI UX consultants have extensive Online Banking Ux experience. The flexible engagement models offered by our UI UX design agency can be adjusted to fit your budget and project timelines. As technology develops, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest trends to make the business applications function efficiently.


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