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Designing digital products that

touch people's lives

UI UX design agency in India

Designing digital products that touch people's lives

Selected Works

Selected Works

Neointeraction UX UI design agency with 15years of expertise have collaborated with a wide range of industry sectors and have provided ux design services & front development for Business enterprises & startups achieve their business goals.

Promo, the Intertrust’s BPM Tool, underwent a transformative revamp, leveraging streamlined UI enhancements and effective UX design techniques. By enhancing it into a user-friendly digital product, we significantly improved Promo's crucial role in enhancing workflow.

The platform helps Rights Management societies to maximize rights collection and distribution while reducing operational costs. The UX redesign prioritized user specific functionality with micro-interactions to create an engaging user experience.

The UX design modifications for the healthcare application was tailored to simplify tasks for cardiologists and provide accessible AI. Streamlining data visualization made monitoring patient vitals more efficient and impactful for cardiologists.