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Exploring HubSpot's Remarkable UI UX Transformation: A Comprehensive Case Study

Table of Contents

        3.2 Improving User Experience

        3.3 Design Experimentation

        3.4 User-Centric Approach

The role of UI UX design in transforming businesses is crucial, as it directly influences how customers interact with digital products and services. When businesses prioritize good UI UX design, it enhances the user experience, fostering customer satisfaction, loyalty, and potential referrals. This helps businesses grow by attracting more customers and keeping them happy. In simple terms, good UI UX design serves as a powerful tool for businesses to succeed and keep customers satisfied. 

Every business should be obsessed with delivering a fantastic user experience because the customer always finds the path of least resistance. - Brad Rencher

Case Study on Hubspot’s Digital Transformation

HubSpot has been a go-to solution for businesses looking to grow online offering a bunch of helpful tools all in one place. It helps businesses attract, engage, and satisfy customers by aligning various aspects of their operations, from CRM to marketing automation and analytics. In this case study we will examine how UI UX design was pivotal in transforming a business, leading to substantial growth over the years. Given HubSpot's vast user base, nearly 10 million monthly visitors, and annual revenue exceeding $270 million, the primary challenge was enhancing the website's global user-friendliness by incorporating user feedback worldwide.

Hubspot’s Goals and Expectations

Improving User Experience

Enhance consistency and optimizing navigation to achieve a seamless user experience.

Increasing Conversion

Apply lessons from past experiments to boost website-wide conversions and lay the foundation for ongoing optimization efforts.

Multi-Product Introduction

HubSpot recognized the need to revisit how they introduced new products and free versions, adapting their approach to accommodate a diverse user base.

Validate with MVP

Prioritize a minimum viable product (MVP) to gather feedback and confirm the effectiveness of proposed changes.

What are the UI UX Changes HubSpot implemented?

User Feedback

HubSpot welcomed user feedback with a positive attitude, acknowledging existing confusion in user flows. Despite the critique being direct, the company actively sought ways to improve the user experience, setting the stage for positive changes.

Improving User Experience

HubSpot took steps to enhance user interaction by introducing a user-friendly "get-started" flow with free demos and streamlining critical pages from 70 to 39. Initial attempts to incorporate illustrations were dropped after testing indicated a lack of resonance with the brand.

Design Experimentation

In their quest for an optimal design, HubSpot experimented with over 12 illustration styles, eventually realizing that clear and straightforward designs outperformed fancier options. This iterative design process involved extensive testing, including over 100 wireframe iterations and 60 visual designs.

User-Centric Approach

HubSpot consistently emphasized a user-centric approach, actively incorporating user perspectives throughout the design journey. This ensured that feedback and testing outcomes guided design refinements before moving on to the development phase.

Video Preference

HubSpot's research highlighted that over 50% of users prefer learning through videos. This insight led to strategically placing video calls-to-action after the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launch, resulting in a notable 300% increase in conversions. Aligning design with user preferences played a pivotal role in this success.


Once all changes were agreed upon, development commenced, incorporating updated conversion flows, new flows, content improvements, and adherence to a global style guide. The result was an optimal live website that significantly outperformed the previous user experience. Hubspot’s post-launch data showcased impressive outcomes:

  • The new "Get Started free" flow doubled the conversion rate.

  • The redesigned demo landing page exhibited a 57% improvement in conversion.

  • Demo requests saw a 35% increase in total volume, indicating higher-quality leads.

  • Sales chat volume and inbound call volume experienced substantial increases, pointing to heightened user engagement.

  • A notable 27% rise in product signups contributed to increased revenue and improved user retention.


HubSpot's UI UX transformation illustrates the positive outcomes of prioritizing user experience through clear goals, iterative improvements, and data-driven insights, resulting in improved engagement, conversions, and overall business success. This case study underscores the value of a strategic and user-centric approach in UI UX design. In the dynamic field of digital product design, UI UX designers play a vital role in driving business success. Neointeraction Design, with nearly 15 years of experience, is a leading UI UX design company in Bangalore, partnering with various B2B enterprises, B2C companies, and startups. Their focus on UI UX fundamentals consistently guides businesses toward success by enhancing applications, engaging users, and ensuring lasting satisfaction and loyalty.


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