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Why should businesses invest in good UI UX design to boost revenue?

Updated: Feb 2

ui ux design boost revenue

Good design is good business. We base our decisions on aesthetics when selecting goods, services, and people—from dating sites to online shopping. Successful businesses are aware of this. Despite the enormous value of competently showcasing your marketing and branding materials with outstanding design, there is often a hesitancy to find the funds for good design.

The majority of firms believe that providing an ideal response to the client's challenges is the key to their success. The most successful businesses in the world today use UI UX design to persuade customers that their organization is not just offering the best solution for their problems but also the easiest one. Despite the success of these businesses, many are still hesitant to spend money on experience design to boost productivity and profitability.

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Design for Your Business

investing in ux

The most affluent businesses understand that excellent design pays off far more than it costs and that neglecting design will prove costly. Let’s take a look at four reasons why investing in great design is a smart move.

a) Good Design Sells

ux design statistics

Your business will undoubtedly be driven mostly by financial metrics; therefore, you need to be sure that investing in quality design will be worthwhile.

Numerous studies over the years have demonstrated that design-led companies with some of the best website designs experience higher turnover and profitability than those that don’t emphasize design.

In a recent blog post, Digital Experience Design outlined the conclusions of these investigations. The findings that unequivocally demonstrate how design is promoting commercial growth in the UK are listed below:

b) First impression is everything

first impressions in ux design

Companies should never lose sight of the fact that they only have one chance to establish a first impression, whether it be with clients, prospective workers, or investors, and those first impressions may quickly make or break a transaction.

A study conducted by Google Research revealed that online visitors form an opinion of a business within 50 milliseconds after arriving at a website. It just takes something like this for someone to have an initial "gut feeling" that guides their choice of whether to stay on the site or leave.

c) Shaping Notions

shaping notions in design

Every one of your promotional and packaging materials will benefit from a compelling design, not just your website or Web app.

Malcolm Gladwell points out in his book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking that even small alterations to a product's packaging may have a profound impact on how consumers view and, in the case of food products, even taste them.

The specific design choices you make will have a significant impact on how customers perceive your brand and use your products.

d) Good design fosters brand loyalty

brand loyalty

There are times when you can visualize a brand's logo or color but struggle to recall the company name. This is simply because memorable design stands out more than words and titles do. The ability of humans to recall visual cues is significantly superior to all other abilities.

Colors are impactful as they help the user identify the brand even if they do not recall the name (think of the blue of hp or the primary color spectrum of Google). By investing in a reputable web design company, you can ensure that precise colors, fonts, and typography are utilized throughout your organization, giving clients and potential clients consistent user experience whether they are handling a product in a store, browsing your website, or participating within your social media feeds. Read further about the Benefits of having a UX Design partner for your business.

Design is not just about aesthetics, it's about improving the user experience and ultimately driving revenue. - Jared Spool, Founder of User Interface Engineering

Investing in Good UI UX Design Pays Off

The success of your business depends on making the right design choices. Investing in quality design is a wise business decision since it enhances initial impressions, builds brand recognition, conveys the proper message and guarantees a competitive advantage. If you need assistance developing an innovative design approach for your brand, reach out to us here at Neointeraction design. We'd be delighted to discuss with you your business goals and would appreciate hearing from you.

What do businesses lose by underfunding design?

  • A decline in sales

  • Spending more time on web development

  • Failure of the product and redesign expenses

  • Disloyal customers

  • Higher bounce rates


A smooth and effortless user experience with the product is a must if you want to attract users.

Products with great UI UX design and branding are never short on customers. Their customers market them. As a result, you must comprehend and follow user preferences if you want to differentiate yourself from the expanding competition.


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