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Online Tutoring Platform 90+ Tuition App

Online Tutoring Platform - Neointeraction design


90+ My Tuition App offers syllabus-oriented digital classes with animated content for easy understanding, bringing tuition directly to your doorstep.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

The visual appeal and the new tutoring experience led us to overcome the usability issues and we’re very happy with the result the design team delivered.


The objective is to enhance the usability of the My Tuition App for a broader user base by implementing upgrades. This involves giving the app a modern and attractive redesign, with a focus on simplicity. The aim is to transition from traditional video classes to a fresh design that facilitates a clear understanding of digital classes, ultimately simplifying and enhancing the overall learning experience.


Creating a new look for the platform that's both modern and keeps its educational essence, integrating animated content, and ensuring a unified visual experience were big challenges. It's important to find the right mix of being easy to use and looking smart to attract all kinds of users. This needs a careful design approach to make the app work for more people and make it even better for learning.

ux design solution for Tutoring Platform

Solutions we offered

To enhance the userexperience, we refined the design quality with a focus on simplicity. The entire design language was adjusted to infuse elements of fun, joy, and user-friendliness while maintaining the company's branding. The design solution ensured a uniform grammar across all platforms, including Android and iOS.

User Journey and Information Architecture

Developing the information architecture and identifying and streamlining the key user journey

Wireframe Development

Building a wireframe to make a design decision

Organized UI Design Kit

Final UI Design was done in a phase wise organized manner to get a better collaborative experience with the team.

Efficient Asset Integration

Facing the challenge of aligning a new app with the company's branding, our strategy involved meticulous planning for user interaction, information organization, and initial sketching. To ensure a seamless and consistent design, we provided UI kits equipped with comprehensive instructions for ease in asset utilization

Online Tutoring Platform- ux design case study
Interactive UI Upgrade
ui redesign for Online Tutoring Platform 90+ Tuition App
90+ Tuition App ux ui redesign solution

How did our solutions help?

Our solutions brought significant improvements to the user experience of our app, addressing key aspects of usability, accessibility, and engagement. Here's how our efforts positively impacted the user interface:

Enhanced User Engagement

The redesigned UI attracted a significant number of customers

Consistent Design Language

Established a cohesive design language across the entire UI

Improved Accessibility

The consistent design language enhanced accessibility for all age groups. The app became more user-friendly and accessible to a broader range of users.

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