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Intertrust Navigate

Intertrust Navigate Tool project - Neointeraction design


Intertrust Group aimed to develop Navigate, a platform enabling employees to monitor and track the company's fund-related operations, serving as a sister product to another Intertrust application, Promo.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

The fund management system had become more streamlined and intuitive to use as our team had a hassle-free workflow. The brand new user experience made it easier to navigate throughout the product.
Intertrust Group Logo ( CSC Company)


Develop a user-friendly platform, "Navigate" specifically tailored for Intertrust Group employees to facilitate seamless monitoring and management of fund-related tasks. The goal is to ensure its compatibility with the current system and alignment with the company's objectives, serving as a promotion for a cohesive and user-friendly experience.


Organizing and presenting a large amount of data in a unified and intuitive design while balancing business requirements with a positive user experience was the main challenge. Based on the product understanding the challenge was also to only have features that could help users have an efficient experience making it as seamless as possible.

hedge fund management tool - ux design solution

Solutions we offered

After gathering and understanding the business and product needs we started working on the platform from a ux driven perspective to meet user needs.

UI Design System Enhancement

Modification and customization of an already existing UI design system for Navigate.

Comprehensive UI Flows

Created UI flows for all types of processes within the application.

Live Implementation in HTML and React

Our UI development team created a live functioning version of the design in HTML, which was then implemented in React too.

Our Approach

Facing the challenge of understanding the business and product needs quickly, our strategy was to learn about the industry concepts for planning the design. We solved problems by using the right UI development technologies.

Intertrust hedge fund management app ux design
Final UI
fintech web app ui design - Intertrust
hedge fund management web app - ux ui development project

How did our solutions help?

We were able to offer Navigate a full digital transformation by implementing the design on cutting-edge technology and incorporating our UX strategies. Many Intertrust personnel were satisfied with the software for its consistency in UI components and simplicity of navigation.

Scalable Design for Future Expansion

The design and UI elements were created in such a manner that Navigate could be scaled in the future when new features and capabilities were added.

Efficient Navigation System Based on UX Principles

With a clean-looking UI, Navigate offered users a true distraction-free environment to perform their daily tasks.

Navigating Complex Challenges with Cutting-Edge Tech

The UI development team was able to overcome complex difficulties by using the benefits of cutting-edge technologies.

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