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Euclid - A biomedical Research platform

UX Design for Biomedical Research platform - Neointeraction Design\


Euclid focuses on managing biomedical data complexities amid advancements in technology.



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We beat the competition thanks to the aesthetic appeal, and we are pleased with the outcome the design team produced.
Euclid logo


To design a platform that help manage biomedical data better and make it easier to get important information in life sciences. Our aim is to create ways to gather and communicate information seamlessly in areas where there aren't many approved medicines for complicated diseases.


In the field of life sciences, where we have only a few approved drugs for many diseases, there's a recognized need to gather and organize knowledge in a way that users can understand. Even with lots of data from high-throughput technologies, it's still tricky to use it for specific purposes for which we needed to create an application that helps integrate it all.

bio medical research platform - ux design

Solutions we offered

We developed an application that displaying the extracted knowledge with sufficient background information. It also captures the cause-and-effect features of biological entities

User Stories for Event Identification

Creating user stories will helped in identifying negative and unfamiliar events.

Digitalization of Manual Data Handling

Users were able to properly visualize and experience the look and feel of a product through prototyping and testing

Early Developer Engagement

Engaging developers during the process helped in reducing reworks and assist them to spot any potential issues

Our Approach

We started by understanding the challenge and conducting research. Our strategy involved creating a detailed list of requirements and exploring potential solutions. Moving forward, we carefully selected the most effective solution from the list and proceeded to build a prototype, laying the foundation for the development phase.

ux design for medical research platform
Final UI
ui design for bio medical research web application
bio medical research user experience design

How did our solutions help?

Our solutions brought significant improvements to the user experience of our app, addressing key aspects of usability, accessibility, and engagement. Here's how our efforts positively impacted the user interface,

Enhanced Usability

Users were happy with the user interface for its improved usability and a more relatable design, contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable user flow.

Simplified Accessibility

We were able to achieve the goal of simplicity and make the app even more accessible to users of all ages since we employed a consistent design language throughout the UI.

Positive User Feedback

The revamped design received positive feedback from users, emphasizing satisfaction with the improved user interface.

Increased Engagement

By using a consistent design language and enhancing accessibility, the app saw increased engagement.

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