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Intertrust BPM Tool

Intertrust BPM Tool Ui development project - neointeraction design


Intertrust BPM Tool, ‘Promo’ was revamped to make it more user-friendly and easy to use, improving its vital role in making organizational processes better.



New User Engagement




New Customer Acquisition

The visual appeal and the new banking experience led us to overcome the competition and we’re very happy with the result the design team delivered
Intertrust Group Logo - CSC Company


The objective was to create a design tailored for Intertrust Groups, addressing the user pain points while using the tool ensuring an elevated user experience


Challenges included putting together a smooth design system, presenting large data, transformation of user experience, easier navigation and designing for scalability.

business process management tool - ux design project

Solutions we offered

Addressing critical issues while ensuring a seamless and effective design experience led to the digital transformation for Promo

Holistic Tool Creation

Crafted Promo with a holistic perspective, ensuring consistency across all workflows for a unified user experience.

Scalability Emphasis

Introduced the importance of product scalability, facilitating use with other Intertrust applications.

Uniform User Experience

Delivered a uniform experience, eliminating inconsistencies through organized UI components and unified grammar.

Data Presentation Solutions

Complex sections were redesigned by data presentation, using basic UX principles to effectively resolve intricate issues.

Intuitive Navigation System

Offered a navigation system allowing users to seamlessly transition between different task flows.

front end development project - bpm tool

Optimized Prototyping & Data Presentation

Wireframing prototypes were meticulously created to refine the process flow and further refine the design solutions

ux design prototype - intertrust promo application
bpm tool - ux design revamp

How did our solutions help?

Our UX techniques revamped Promo, converting it into a user-friendly product through streamlined UI enhancements and effective design techniques.

Streamlined Workflows

Simplified processes enabled users to complete tasks faster and more successfully, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Focused User Concentration

Removal of unnecessary data reduced distractions, allowing users to maintain focus on critical and significant activities.

Intuitive Data Interpretation

Utilization of colors, typefaces, tooltips, and UI features improved data interpretation, making it easier for users to distinguish and understand information.

Intuitive Data Interpretation

The majority of workflows were broken down into a step-by-step method that allowed users to feel confident in completing a difficult activity.

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