Redesign of Stock Brokerage portal

Top French financial house engaged Neointeraction to do their brokerage portal redesign.

About the Client

Geojit BNP Paribas, today, is a leading retail financial services company in India with a growing presence in the Middle East.


Geojit BNP Paribas wanted to redesign the present trading platform FLIP which had 3 variations based on user types ( Desktop, Web & Mobile). Considering the growing trend of mobile users client decided to redesign their trading platform to bring unified experience for its traders & Investors. While defining the product goals emphasis on great Experience for traders that would be compelling to do repeated Buy & Sell transactions. More than anything else, they wanted to offer their clients something which gives them a great user experience. Truly with Next Gen features built in, it will become the most advanced trader friendly solution.

Business Challenges

Geojit BNP Paribas web presence needed to reflect share trading brokers site with market related data accessible to trade customers. Corporate website should have all the information about the company along with market data. For marketing team all activities will be done focusing the portal and the portal is something which users want to come back daily for latest market updates.

The portal needed to cater to many requirements such as:

  • Clutter free way for accessing daily market data.
  • Web & mobile friendly view experience
  • Trading details from popular markets (BSE , NSE).
  • Research and strategies assisting clients’ investment horizons and trading patterns.
  • 3rd party trade and market information on all listed companies, mutual funds, debt and commodities.

We were wanting customers to come back to us and tell us that they had a great experience with our portal whilst enjoying all the features Marketing Head at Geojit BNPParibas.

Ux Solution

The project showcased deep domain expertise in financial services domain and trading concepts by N team .Since share trading is a competitive business, whoever acts fast with most accurate information and insight win. Geojit trading portal was designed this important factor in mind. NI put the user at the center and started defining an information architecture for various types of users viz A New Investor, A Foreign Investor, An Investor / A Stakeholder, A Job Applicant, A Partner Aspirant. Designs were done for the information architecture.

Design Process

  • Understanding the equity trading business.
  • Information restructuring.
  • Prototyping/wireframes: Azure RP Pro.
  • Visual designs.

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