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6 Big Reasons to Apply Illustrations in UI/UX design

Updated: Jan 29

ui design illustrations

Illustrations help explain the meaning of complicated ideas and particular concepts, texts, or processes through visual translation and interpretation. It’s an image that aims at supporting, clarifying, or even extending the ideas that people get from other sources of information, most often given in the form of text. They assist designers in developing visual storytelling for users to help them make quick decisions.

Using illustrations to amplify UI/UX

You might already know that illustrations can enhance UI/UX design by adding value to a product. Illustrations can amplify the UI/UX design as they are the proven means of interaction that paves way for better visual communication between the product and user.

1. Get the main point across faster than text & Build trust

Illustrations are visual storytelling elements which are why they’re generally perceived faster than text. This allows the user to quickly understand the message you're trying to convey. It’s great for skimmers who ignore the text and rely on visuals during browsing sessions to find what they’re looking for. Illustrations make your brand appear more real and approachable by adding a more personal tone to the way you connect with users. In a digital environment, this sense of human connection is what genuinely helps develop brand loyalty.

2. Create dynamic brand experiences/ Illustrations are memorable and catchy, so they work well in growing brand awareness and recognizability

Create dynamic brand experiences

In comparison with text, images tend to stick more in long-term memory. The effect will increase when the pictures are informative, designed as per the expectations of the targeted audience, and in regularity with a typical layout concept. This makes illustrations incredibly effective in generating an identifiable interface design and promotes brand loyalty for a mobile app or website. And it is for this reason that illustrations are often used in onboarding.

When designing a product adding creative and custom-made illustrations to your website helps your business to stand out. Brands that are using illustrations are distinguishing themselves from the crowd. Illustrations that adhere to brand requirements can help create strong brand loyalty and viewing illustrations can help customers engage with your brand. Companies like Google, Slack, Mailchimp, Asana, Salesforce, or Dropbox build their brand identity around illustrations.

3. Illustrations are a well-checked tool of creative storytelling

creative storytelling illustrations

Since powerful illustrations can drive user engagement for a long time,visual storytelling becomes a way of telling the actual story behind the concept. The designer can use interactive illustrations in the UX design to encourage users on board. Visual storytelling helps understand the context better through visual communication when the time constraint is short or when it comes to driving users to subscribe or more. The illustrations can easily tell the users how to use the application while at the same time keeping them entertained through effective visual communication.

4.Illustrations based on the interesting visual metaphors make the design unique and engaging & They Bring In the Much-Required Humor

As well as in art, in visual storytelling are a powerful way to engage users and make them consider the offered ideas. Illustrations enable designers to work on unique metaphors corresponding to the specific goals and users. Designers can use funny and interactive illustrations to display a successful payment, an error screen, or every essential thing by offering the much-required humor.

5. Illustrations have significant power in setting the emotional appeal

When it comes to design for emotion, various apps and websites are improving the user experience. They alter the requirement hierarchy to include an exclusive top tier with fun, enjoyment, and pleasure. Good ui ux design helps user finish a complicated task and makes them happy.

What if an interface design could help you complete a critical task and put a smile on your face? Well, that would be powerful indeed! That would be an experience you’d recommend to a friend; that would be an idea worth spreading.” And that’s what you can effectively do with illustrations. Everything you put into the — lines, shapes, colors, facial expressions, dynamics of curves — have a significant impact on igniting emotions. Studying user behavior and factors that influence emotional appeal, designers can make illustrations a powerful tool connecting experience to user emotions from the first seconds of interactions.

6.Custom graphic design sets the ground for aesthetic satisfaction which grows the desirability of the project

Custom graphic design

Despite the fact that many people choose the 'functionality first' concept, their inherent yearning for joy and beauty remains. Every interface is built with usability and functionality in mind. However, desirability is a charming guise that allows people to discover your product, desire to use it often, and feel happy while doing so.

We've been discussing the functional use of illustrations in interface design up to this point. Functional websites can be effective, but combining function with aesthetics will elevate your product to a higher level. An old marketing adage, "packaging sells," also applies in the digital realm. People are straightforward, and if you want to sell, you must design a visually appealing website that portrays your goods. Illustrations can be used to add flair to ux design. Reach out to us if you need help elevating your product and user experience.

Illustrations should support, clarify and extend the ideas written in words.

Where to use illustrations in UI

Hero Images

Hero Images


Tutorials illustrations


Theme based illustrations

Mascots and Characters

Mascots and Characters illustrations


Onboarding illustrations

Rewards and other gamification graphics

Rewards and other gamification graphics


Stickers illustrations




Illustrations may improve the usability of a website or app by quickly conveying complicated ideas, demonstrating empathy for users, and bringing a human touch through good UI UX design. It's an excellent tool for capturing your users' attention, but it also aids in the development of trust and a deeper, long-term relationship with them. Including illustrations in your UI can improve your digital presence. As a result UX designers regard them as a potent method to enhance UI UX design.

Key Takeaways

  • Illustrations are used to explain the meaning of complicated ideas and particular concepts, texts, or processes through Visual Storytelling and Visual Communication

  • They help in getting the idea across than text

  • Promotes brand loyalty and recognition

  • Illustration helps tell a story which can improve emotional appeal thereby improving the ux ui design of the product


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