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Effective UX Audit and Website Redesign to boost UX for LIC

Updated: Mar 21

Website Redesign LIC

Life Insurance of Corporation is a government-owned insurance firm in India. It is the largest insurance firm in the region, having a vast number of policyholders and agents. With many businesses going online, websites have become a big deal for all large corporations. And unfortunately, the current LIC website design ( appears to be out of date. The primary goal of the website is to provide a one-stop online solution to policyholders and insurance advisors, But the site's biggest flaw is the lack of a good user experience. As one of the top ui ux design companies we truly enjoyed redesigning the ux audit for LIC.

Identified Problems

After reviewing their present website design, we discovered a number of issues with the design language (UI) as well as the content's organizational flow (UX). The first step was to make a list of all the problems for our UX Case study.

Problems related to the UX:

  • The placement of the banner was unclear.

  • There are too many undesired options on the navigation bar.

  • Although paying premiums is the most common option for policyholders on the LIC website, it was not prominently shown on the landing page.

  • Some key items, such as Buy Insurance, Renew Policy, Claim Policy, Claim status, and Premium Calculator, are not highlighted and are difficult to locate.

  • Users' download links for mobile apps were misplaced.

  • The landing page is clogged with unnecessary information and content.

  • The footer options are cluttered and unorganized.

Problems Related to the UI:

  • The components of the website did not follow a consistent pattern of design.

  • The website's colors are too wacky and revolting.

  • Icons and graphics are very clumsy.

  • There is no color pattern for menus and buttons.

  • There isn't enough white space on the webpage, which makes it look overcrowded.

The only constant in the world is “CHANGE". Though this line has become a cliche, it is very important to implement the same in our operation. And of course, the change needs to be planned well considering all the right and critical factors.

Presenting Solutions to Problems

Asking questions, observing people, and analyzing the results are at the heart of this research. It has a distinct purpose in terms of how people interact with the site. Conducting extensive UX Research will enhance ui ux design. If you looking for ux ui design solutions for your product connect with us here.

User Interview

User interviews are beneficial since they help you understand what design aspects may be improved. We started our user research by conducting interviews with some users which vary from daily active users to infrequent users of the website. The challenges and hardcore things individuals face when using the web are the cornerstones of the questionnaires.

  • What is your initial impression of the homepage of the LIC website?

  • What is the first thing you want to see or search for when you go to the LIC website?

  • Which features of the LIC website do you utilize the most?

  • Which components are the most challenging for you to use?

  • What is your opinion on the Search field on the LIC homepage?

  • Is it easy to locate the "Download mobile application" option on the homepage?

Website Usability Testing

Usability testing is the process of evaluating how easy a design is to use on a set of users who are representative of the target audience. We at Neointeraction design, analyzed, and addressed user challenges in using the site, such as locating critical features, inconsistency in key element arrangements, unorganized layouts, ineffective navigation bars, and so on. As a result, we planned to,

  • Make the navigation bar more explicit

  • Place crucial aspects such as Buy policy, Renew policy, Claim policy, Login, Online services, Pay Premium, Premium calculator, and Search options in front of the user's eyes.

  • Make the banner image more apparent.

  • Organize the content in the footer.

Process of Product Design is to make User-friendly ui ux design

The UX Audit for LIC website revamped to rejuvenate the site, primarily from the perspective of the surface layer of UX, but also considering the other levels (Strategy, Scope, Structure, and Skeleton). According to the basic strategy, labeling and chunking should be interactive and user-friendly.

  • The site's UI UX Design have been updated to reflect current trends.

  • The navigation bar can be minimized, With less content.

  • Users will be able to browse more conveniently if the About us, Become an agent, Search option, User Login, and Language option are placed at the top of the navigation bar.

  • The site's primary functions, such as premium payment, calculator, and online services, can be prominently displayed.

  • For better attention, the site's banner section may be more exact and concise.

  • The most essential options, such as Buy policy, Renew policy, Claim policy, and Claim status, should be positioned below the banner more prominently.

  • Users must be able to easily locate policies that apply to them, therefore highlighting the recommended policies will give them a positive experience.

  • The download link for mobile apps may be made more visible so that people can find it more readily.

  • Footers can be better organized by including essential and quick links.

website revamp ux ui changes

UI UX Recommendations based on User Research

UI_UX Recommendations

The final phase was to describe and explain UX Audit, as well as plan the next steps. When it comes to the success of any website as a ui ux design service, understanding users’ demands and organizational objectives, along with having a sound strategy to unite the two is the foundation for the project’s success.

Since the LIC website has a vast number of users, it should have simple navigation and information architecture to help people find the services they require.

  • The primary menu options have been highlighted more.

  • The visual impact should encourage each user-in-focus to visit

  • Consistency should be maintained to make the elements identifiable.

  • Unified options for each key functionality.

  • Overall usability has been enhanced.

  • All functionalities have quick access conveniences.

  • The visual hierarchy should make navigation simple.

  • Enhanced user flows by improving crisp content and optimizing the user experience.

  • All necessary functions are provided in a minimalist and simple design idea.

  • The search bar has become easier to locate and utilize.

  • Reduced the amount of data that was crammed into each segment and provided enough white space between them.

  • The site's color scheme has been updated to make it more elegant and appealing.

  • Icons and visuals are used where they are needed.


UX Audit is a necessary aspect of the design process in order to create a solution that meets both business and user requirements. If we focus on the details of the product and services, we tend to overlook the users and their perspectives. UX strategy and research play an important role in the process of product design. The most important factor of this project was that users might easily be lost due to a bad online presence experience.

Our UI UX Design Service uncovered the problems that led to a LIC website misinterpretation and navigational errors. Furthermore, users have problems accessing critical options. The new LIC Insurance site strengthens the company's brand and digital strategy by making content more accessible, making it easier to find options, making information more accessible, and making self-serve policy updates a reality. The process of product design is essential to deliver the best user experience for customers. With the tech industry evolving rapidly, product design agencies require a lot of planning and execution for delivering top-notch ui ux design services.


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