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Advantages and disadvantages of Website Templates

Updated: Feb 3

Impact of templates on UX design

Should I choose a website template, or should I go for a custom website design?' One of the most common questions you may ask yourself when creating a new dashboard UX. Indeed, from the designer's point of view, the answer would be 'Custom website design, of course!', but sometimes that's not what you need.

You should consider several factors defining what works best for you: design system templates or custom website design.

Impact of templates on UX design

With thousands of templates on the market, you might wonder, 'Why do I ever need to order a custom website design?' But truth be told, both templates and custom website designs have pros and cons. It's always up to you to choose what works best to suit your needs. The problem with templates, for example, is that they don't fulfill the needs of different users — templates designed to meet the expectations of as many people as possible. In the end, the final product ends up being generic. However, if you have time and budget limitations and don't require a unique UI UX design, templates might be the best option. For convenience, many people prefer to use Webflow templates or Google Sites templates.

The template problem is that they miss out on UX, which creates a user's interaction with a website. The best UX design companies solve a user's problem and make interaction with the website as smooth as possible. With that in mind, let's have a look at the main pros and cons when choosing templates.

Why do I ever need to order a custom design? But truth be told, both templates and custom designs have pros and cons. It's always up to you to choose what works best to suit your needs.

Pros & Cons of Templates

Pros & Cons of Templates

Tons of similar designs:

If you want to look unique, go for a custom solution. It will take more time to develop, but your product experience will stand out from the crowd.

Stand out to survive:

If you are intending to tackle a crowded market space, you need to distinguish yourself to survive. If people ending up on your site will dislike the experience, they can quickly move forward to the competitor's website. Also, templates aren't optimized for search engines as well as their custom counterparts.

Limited functionality:

If you need numerous third-party integrations, or a customer portal, or any other sophisticated functionality, the more reasons you have to go for a custom website design. Templates won't be able to give you the spectrum of functionality you may need.


If you choose an old template, there is a chance it is database-driven. This means that search engines won't recognize them as much as they do a bespoke site.

designing using website templates


It would be great to say that using templates is the best way to establish your website; on the contrary, custom website design is the best solution. For a distinctive website design for your forthcoming project, engage Ui Ux developers & designers from the Neointeraction team.


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