Make Your Product Stand Out With Explainer Videos

Video is the new voice of many companies. In today’s world of social media and dizzying internet speeds, a good video is worth every penny spent in advertising. With the gigantic explosion and popularity of YouTube and the ease of sharing videos on social networks, traditional advertising is no longer the right choice. From tutorials on crocheting to viewing the unpacking of the latest gadgets, consumers look up to quality videos for every task. So it becomes highly imperative for businesses of every size from start-ups to huge corporations to utilise this trend to the maximum.

At Neointeraction Designs, we are dedicated to ensure that our clients reach the targeted audience. We provide the edge in your business with well scripted explainer videos for your web product or a mobile app. With a passionate team with several years of experience in the design process, we take care of the entire process and work hand in hand with you to deliver you the video in exactly the way you intended.

An explainer video describing the usage of your product is highly recommended to maximise the sale of your product. Based on the quality required and the budget available videos can be created within a shoestring budget using some of the popular tools like GoAnimate, PowToon, Camtasia and Adobe – After Effects. You can also go in for a professional video by hiring communication experts who oversee the entire process of video creation right from story boarding, voice recording to the final delivery of the video product. At present a good quality explained video starts at 500$.

Here at Neointeraction we provide you with top notch videos to demonstrate your web/mobile products. Have a look at a few of the videos we have done for our previous clients to get a clear picture of what we have to offer.

This is an explainer video for a mobile app that makes online trading easy and suited for those on the go.

This is a video that explains the workings of a platform that brings psychiatrists and patients together.
Here we give you the top reasons as to why it is a must to have effective explainer videos for your web/mobile product:
  1. In today’s fast paced world no one has the time to read through pages of instructions and guides to know how to use a service or a product. Crisp, clear and short product videos are the way to go.
  2. You can reach a wider audience with a product video than by other ways. Your product might have been robustly engineered and have the best design. But if you don’t reach the intended audience then all the time and resources you spent on building it is a waste. Here is where the power of a demonstration video comes into play. If a prospective client comes across your video, it doesn’t stop there. The client then shares the video in his social media account to his friends and the chain keeps on growing. So if you wish your product to reach a wider clientele, then product demonstration videos should be your first choice.
  3. The best thing about an explainer video for a product or a service is that you can highlight all the best features and specifications of the product within 2-3 minutes and hook your clients. It helps to keep the audience engaged and entertained while you actually do your sales pitch. You can also project the persona of your brand through funny, quirky or nerdy videos depending on the image of your brand.
  4. Customers get hands on feel on the product without opening their wallet. This makes them connect with the brand and more likely to buy the product than just reading about it.
  5. Demonstration videos are the best way to get instant feedback and judge the reaction of the audience. You can instantly gauge the views of potential customers and you can alter or make changes to upcoming products.

But with every other organisation crowding the online world with their own product videos, you are likely to be lost in the crowd if your product video doesn’t stand out. Hence it becomes necessary to hire the services of a professional explainer video provider to ensure that your product videos reach the right customer.

Inject some creativity to your product demonstration videos. Don’t just do the same thing your competitor does. A good explainer video provider even helps you with this. They help you in creating a video that is unique and in line with the vision of your brand. A good design partner should offer you the entire package of a story board, web and mobile app explainer video. Different styles of videos like whiteboard, stop motion, live action, typography, 2/2.5/3 D animation, screen cast, typography targeted for different categories of your customers are also a good idea.

So if you want to make your product stand a notch above the competition then product demonstration videos are the safest bet. At Neointeraction we incorporate the latest trends in the industry and provide you with the highest quality of explainer videos. Trust us with the next demonstration video for your product and watch your sales increase monumentally.