25 Best UX Design Tutorials You Have to Watch in 2016

UX or user experience is something which is wholly necessary for the creation of a top caliber website. However, it is also something which very few users understand. From a design perspective, UX is undeniably as essential as the aesthetic components of a website.

A designer may come up with the best looking online platform or app, but if users cannot easily learn how to utilize it, they are likely to abandon it. This is the reason why, as a web designer, you need to sharpen your skills in ensuring a great user experience for your websites.

With determination, diligence, and hard work, you can further improve your UX design skills. If you spend a few minutes of your day viewing, at least, one of these 25 best UX design tutorials, you will certainly understand UX better and become even more committed to making it an integral part of your design process.  Continue reading...