Usability lessons to Improve Self-Service

Josie shook the television remote furiously—her digital recording device was refusing to record the upcoming episode of The Great British Bake Off. Frustrated, she opened up her laptop and searched the help site for the recorder. Spotting an FAQ entitled “Scheduling Recording” she clicked triumphantly. “This should help me out!” she thought. Josie scanned quickly for her question, but with no luck—the article simply mentioned pushing the record button, which wasn’t working. The next article mentioned a “Subscribe” button, which was nowhere to be found. Finally, she spotted a phone number: “I guess I’ll just have to call… this help desk is not helpful!”

Most of us have had the experience of checking an online website for help, getting lost in a knowledge base article, clicking a few links and emerging out the other side, more lost and confused than before we dived in.   Continue reading..