Business Dashboard Ux - How, Why and What?

March 28, 2018 dashboard design design principle

Any business looking to adopt a data-based approach towards understanding their competitive edge needs a data-driven dashboard. But designing a data-driven dashboard can be a challenge at times. There are hundreds of ways in which you can represent a data set. It can be a tabular form or pie chart or detailed graphs. Data visualization can be done in multiple ways. This is the same reason that makes way for clumsy dashboard designs. It is more like a kid in the candy store; the designer being the kid. In a bid to try the hand at multiple ways of visualizing data, they end up creating crude and complicate..


UI/UX Advances In The Field Of Banking And Finance

According to sources, it has been estimated that 80% of the time users spend on offline banking transactions is wasted. Surprised? Not really, because as a consumer you wouldn’t want to drive a long distanc..

Have You ‘Insure’d That Your Bank Is Part Of The UI/UX Revolution

Introduction Insurance companies have taken the necessary steps to enhance user interaction with them. 4 primary areas have been identified that forms the crux of any UI revolution. They can be classified as: ..

An Effective Guide On UX Designs For Banking

Banks these days, have channeled their thought process from being product-oriented to being user-friendly. Credit unions and financial institutions hire UX (or user-experienced) designers who can translate cust..

10 Reasons Why UX Is Trending in The Finance Sector

The recent years have seen a surge in the usage of apps, and the frequency has only increased with many businesses switching to an app-only mode. Reliability, convenience and trendy are the main reasons cited by ..

UX Design: What Next In 2017

The design of User Experience is one of the fastest growing industries today as you seem to need a bit of UX in everything you have or do. So, what next for UX in 2017? Some would say that it is new design langua..

All-Inclusive Digitisation - The Key For Banks To Flourish & Get Ahead

Financial Institutions worldwide engaged in a comprehensive research sponsored by Kofax. The results of the research do not project a promising picture for banks and traditional financial organizations. The res..

Make Your Product Stand Out With Explainer Videos

explainer videos

Video is the new voice of many companies. In today’s world of social media and dizzying internet speeds, a good video is worth every penny spent in advertising. With the gigantic explosion and popularity of You..

25 Best UX Design Tutorials You Have to Watch in 2016

ux design tutorials ux skills

UX or user experience is something which is wholly necessary for the creation of a top caliber website. However, it is also something which very few users understand. From a design perspective, UX is undeniably a..

Usability lessons to Improve Self-Service

design principle usability lessons

Josie shook the television remote furiously—her digital recording device was refusing to record the upcoming episode of The Great British Bake Off. Frustrated, she opened up her laptop and searched the he..

Signifance of Indian Designs in Market


Indian market where there are so many competitors for all products to make our image in market we have to specially design our products. Indian designs are specially designed in such a manner that makes products ..